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At Tiger Tint & Wrap we offer in house window tinting by our professional team

with premium class branded material. All our tinting comes with lifetime warranty. 

We offer automotive tinting only.

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Window Tint Percentage Example

Global offers a full line of automotive window films designed to provide the custom look you desire, no matter what vehicle you drive. Global professional grade automotive window films help protect fabric and leather interiors from sun fading and deterioration. In addition, they add a degree of safety by helping to hold broken glass in place in the event of an accident or vandalism. Choose from a variety of high-performance metallized or standard non-reflective automotive films. As professionals installers, Global is backed by a strong warranty to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing youve made the right choice.


  • Over 99% Ultraviolet Rejection

  • Added Security

  • Privacy

  • Enhanced Aesthetics 

  • Glare Reduction

  • Heat Readuction

  • Lifetime Warranty




We offer THREE different percentage level of tinting films. 35%, 20%, 5%


As much as we would like to tint your vehicles windows to the shade of your desire, we have to stay within the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) limits. This limit can vary depending on the vehicles equipment class.
Most of the time Passenger vehicles (Coupes, Sedans, Hatches, Wagons & Small SUV's) can go to a maximum of 35%. While commercial vehicles (Vans, Utes and Large SUV's) can go all the way to 5% on the rear, however must remain 35% of the Front drivers & passenger side windows. 

We have however seen the same make/year/model vehicles with a different equipment class! So we use your vehicle details to check how dark we can go before work is commenced. 

*Note - We cannot tint the front windscreen on any vehicle*

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